Invisible Children

"Invisibility is a lack of hope, a lack of opportunity, and the inability to access the basic elements that define a safe, productive life, including education, health care, housing, food, clean water, sanitation, and security."  - Invisible Children

copyright Brian Finke

A child may become invisible in a number of ways, and to various degrees.  A spectrum of invisibility ranges from the state, which can fail to recognize a child legally; to a community, which might ostracize a child, fail to provide an education, or otherwise place the child on its edges; to a family, whose economic or social circumstances might render a child unseen, uncared for, or, at worst, a commodity for sale.  A child might be invisible to any of these institutions, or to all of them: any child, or group of children, whose life is unseen merits our concern.

Demographics of Invisibility