Invisible Children

Organic Seeds of Change

One of the best avenues for addressing intractable problems of marginalized young people is the work of community based organizations.  Building on the creativity referenced in chapter 5, Invisible Children examines closely the work, origins and structure of some of the most effective CBOs within the context of what defines a CBO, their characteristics and their challenges, which include a lack of capital, a lack of appreciation, and relative invisibility within the international development community.  Still, these groups manage to reach children that others cannot, and develop sustainable programs with great cost-benefit.

The creation of these groups, and their innovative methods, stems largely from entrepreneurial community leaders who see problems and address them within the cultural and social nuances of their communities, usually without resources or strategy.  The best of these groups, and their leaders, provide lessons for organic and holistic approached that are sustainable, cost-effective and community driven.   Such approaches are gaining increased global recognition, and offer a viable pathway for the delivery of more effective assistance to those children at the outermost margins.

Ch. 7: Community-Based Organizations