Invisible Children

If consolidated action can be strategized for other demographics, it can also be strategized for children.  Fundamental to breaking down the vulnerabilities of young people will be cooperation, communication, an understanding of the interrelation of children’s issues, and strategic action to mitigate them.  As well, the global public must be made increasingly aware of the millions of young people whose present conditions and future potential are compromised by the denial of their basic rights, along with the collective economic, political, and social costs inherent in that denial. 

Invisible Children makes a series of 14 strong, precise recommendations that, taken together, will consolidate the resources in play to address children’s issues, make the disbursement of those resources more impactful by developing systems to bring them to the community level, and raise awareness and recognition of the importance of caring for our most vulnerable young people. 

There are ways to reach the Children of the Last Mile, to turn around the staggering numbers that permeate the book’s early chapters.  But to do so requires a globally recognized, coordinated plan of action to prevent and alleviate the ongoing circumstances that impact children across all sectors, that heightens the dialogue between and among leading players in the field, and creates a deeper public awareness of these issues.  Invisible Children develops a blueprint in actionable detail for players in this complex field to create a stronger voice and stronger strategies for these invisible young people.

Changing the Systems that Can Change the Lives of Children

Chapter 11: Fulfilling the Promise