Invisible Children

Ch. 10: Enabling the Work on the Ground

Efforts to address the issues impacting vulnerable children and young people are necessarily enabled by factors that consolidate resources, ideas, logistics, tools and energy into programmatic action.  Invisible Children assesses the role of these enablers – philanthropy, the private sector, governments, multilaterals, technology, the law and legal systems, the media and academia.

Each of the sectors that plays a significant role in enabling the world’s response to vulnerable young people has unrealized potential in making that role more effective.  These actors most often work independently, finding cooperation and cooperative arrangements almost by accident rather than through overriding strategy.  As well, the tendency to silo the issues impacting children limits their effectiveness in dealing with these complex influences.

Yet each sector is a major influence in determining how effectual the work of those on the ground will be toward alleviating trauma, suffering and detachment.  They remain the fundamental building blocks in crafting a progressive response to changing the lives of dispossessed children and young people.

Supporting Children at the Grassroots